Transport Management System

Manage orders delivery easily with our transport management system that directly connects with our Order Management System. After a payment is complete, you can ship the order immediately

Unique features of our Transport Management System

Choose cheapest shipping option.
Connect once to 20+ leading delivery services and easily track shipment status with our system.
Customers can choose their preferred delivery, whether it be a service center or have the courier pick up directly from the store.

Packing and delivery system

Basic features

Print labels with order details

Able to add items on an order at anytime

Retrieve tracking numbers from providers and send to customers automatically

Order separation feature - Able to indentify a number of items before sorting

Check-out parcels with a barcode feature to prevent duplicate packing

Key features

Customers can add on items they want by themselves before check-out

Customers can choose the express company they prefer on our V Rich system

We directly connect with MyCloud's system to help you pack orders and deliver to your customers

The system can print the order form for only the name-address without displaying the list of products on the front of the box

Print out order slips for many express companies at the same time

We provide training and installation services for our customers.

We provide complete training and installation, ensuring they can use it immediately. Our products guarantee fast and effective utilization, leading to increased sales.