Order Management System

Our system aim to help retailers mange their shops and sales systematically and more conveniently from start to end

หน้าตาโปรแกรม Vrich

We are the best and most complete order management


Stock system

Add up items stock with details and an image

Import items from a CSV file to the inventory directly

Have a shared stock to provide items numbers

Able to add more pages to your V Rich account and share the same stock

Put items in your stock to Live selling right away

Close sales from any channels : Instagram,Line,Facebook,Offile

Edit items' details or change items during live


Live-Streaming system

Able to see every comment even hidden by facebook

Auto-Cofirm orders with customers through Messenger during Live, No need to wail for your live to end

Insert images and videos during Live

Customers do not need to start Conversation on Messenger before commenting

Auto-Confirm orders from post

Customers can cancel orders by themselves, No need to worry about a mistake

Sales page can see the list of customers complete payments

1 page can create many accounts and broadcast at the same time, every account sell different categories or items

Alert a sound when an item runs out of stock

Connect to an Instagram account to broadcast or post

View sales report via your smartphone


Invoice/Order system

Merge bills or separate bills

Export purchase history into a CSV file

Set up Currencies

Auto-Confirm payments from customers

Issue a tax invoice on behalf of companies

Issue a tax invoice-ABB

Search for the customer you expect to print out a tax invoice

Issue a receipt with/out VAT

Customer can comment "sum up" to check an order's detail

Able to interact with and send images and emojis to customers within 7 days

Provide date and time customers make the first order

Provide images when customer request to see an order details

Provide a discount field for customers

Response you customers' messages on V Rich system in case Messenger has a problem, you can still interact and close sales with customers worry-freely

Notify an order's status when the delivery is complete

Customer can deposit an item and include it to the next order's delivery

Provide the Cash on Delivery option


Payment system

Send QR Code for payment to customers immediately

Automatically verify customer's payment slips accurately

After a customer is blacklisted, the next time the customer comments to order an item, the system will ignore the order but will not hide the comment

Notify a customer to provide a payment slip to ensure the payment is complete

Can use your credit card to make a payment on Facebook Pay, the system will automatically verify the payment

Unique features of our Order Management System

V Rich will automatically capture and summarize orders for the sellers

Streamline order management and provide instant order summaries to customers without missing any details.

Real-time stock deduction when payment is made, ensuring smooth live sales

Blacklist customers who don't pay.

Accurately verify customer's payment slip to prevent fake ones!

Customers can pay with credit cards.

We provide training and installation services for our customers.

We provide complete training and installation, ensuring they can use it immediately. Our products guarantee fast and effective utilization, leading to increased sales.